-To manufacturers having your private brands
-To restaurant owners who want to make original products brands
 To meet your expectations, we will aim to create of your private brands
 with the long-time know-how and flexible imagination.

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OEM・受注生産品 充填包装加工

In addition to make sauce and seasoning,
we can do only bottle filling and packaging of your liquid products.
Small lot is possible. Please feel free to contact us.

・Sauce, Mayonnaise, Dressing(separate or liquid emulsion type)
・Soya sauce, Japanese style soup, Dip
・Retort(Porridge, Hot Pot Soup)
・Health Food(drink, jelly, enzyme)

With our long-time know-how and good experience,
we will help you to create a new product.
Let's make your private brands.

To make safe and high quality products, we have examined strictly.
With the passage of time, we have checked again.
There is on a production management thoroughly.